Entities participating in the project

The NETEDGE project aims at the development of an open edge computing solution, compliant to the MEC specification, to be deployed at the edge of a fixed network (GPON). The envisaged solution must be characterized by very low latency and must create an ecosystem involving software developers for edge computing and IoT service providers. To accomplish these goals, the consortium is formed by the following entities:



Operator of operators

DSTelecom S.A. was founded in 2008, with the objective of deploying open fiber optic networks to sell its access to telecom operators working with end users (through services such as triple-play, i.e. television, internet and telephone). The company is wholly owned by DST Telecomunicações, SGPS, S.A., which was created as a sub-holding of the DST Group for the telecommunications sector and, since 2018, has been owned by DST - SGPS, S.A. (with a 46.3% stake) and CUBE II Communications SARL (with a 53.7% stake). The company is defined as a wholesaler and its activity has allowed the DST Group to enter the telecommunications business. The DST Group, whose origins date back to the 40's, has a large number of companies present in the areas of Engineering and Construction, Environment, Renewable Energies, Telecommunications and a new business area of creation and innovation called Ventures.

Vision: To develop in a sustainable way, especially in low population density areas, open communication networks.

Mission: To free people from geographical barriers by building a digital world.


Nuno Morgado


Sérgio Lopes

Network Manager

Sérgio Fernandes


José Carvalho

IT Manager

Carlos Caldas

NOC Manager

João Bento

Business Development Manager

João Faria

Innovation Manager

Manuel Paula

DevOps team

Bee Engineering

IT consultant

Bee Engineering is an information and communication technology consultant that supports organizations in finding the right technology solution to catalyze their growth. It is through technology that we excel, innovate and challenge the future. Bee Engineering brings the best practices of engineering and technology to the world of business. Born in 2010, in France, based on the fundamental values of family and respect for all. Today, it has more than 600 employees innovating in projects of global reach. In 2013, Bee Engineering enters the ICT sector, the year it opens its technology skills center in Lisbon. In 2017, Nectar Interactive arrives to gamify the digital experiences of brands and their audiences. Today, in tech projects alone, there are 200 professionals supporting companies in their digital transformation. Wherever your company goes, we will get there together.



Diogo Mendonça

IT devOps

Luís Mendes

IT devOps

António Jorge Florindo

IT devOps

Marko Tavares

IT devOps

Felipe Frederico

IT devOps

Raimundo Martins

IT devOps

Rafael Silva

IT devOps

Ana Marques

IT devOps




Fapajal has a papermaking tradition that goes back to 1755 and that today is focused on the production of tissue paper. Its offer includes a wide range of base reels and transformed products. Headquartered in São Julião do Tojal, Loures, it relies on the contribution of more than 150  employees and about 50 outsourced employees, and proudly says that people are one of Fapajal's greatest assets.


Carla Domingos

Director of Processes and Systems

Sérgio Faria

Production Director

Luís Veladas

IT Coordinator

Guilherme Carneiro

Mechatronics Technician

Jorge Soares

Maintenance Coordinator

Ana Martins

Financial Director

Luís Carvalho

Production Coordinator

Joel Rodrigues

Head of Sales


Facade Systems


BYSTEEL FS is a DST Group company, established in 2016, with headquarters in Braga, Portugal, which activity consists in designing, engineering, developing, producing and assembling facade systems.

Created in order to address the increasing demand in the market for facade systems, mainly abroad, Bysteel FS aims to become one of the most trusted facade companies in Europe and to be known as the number one partner for the most demanding projects and innovative ideas.


Flávio Cardoso

Industrial Manager

Luís Soares

Logistics Technician

University of Minho

University of Minho

The University's mission is to generate, disseminate, and apply knowledge, based on freedom of thought and plurality of critical exercises, promoting higher education and contributing to the construction of a model of society based on humanistic principles, which has knowledge, creativity, and innovation as factors of growth, sustainable development, well-being, and solidarity.


Helena López


Alexandre Santos

Associate Professor

António Costa

Assistant Professor

José Afonso

Assistant Professor

Marcos Martins

Invited Professor

José Machado

Associate Professor

Instituto de Telecomunicações

Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT)

IT is a private, non-profit, association of six Portuguese universities, one polytechnic, one public telecom operator and one telecom equipment manufacturer, established in 1992 with a mission to create and share scientific knowledge in telecommunications at world level and to host and tutor graduate and post-graduate students. IT earned the statute of Associated Laboratory in 2001.

IT is organized around three main sites: Aveiro, Coimbra and Lisbon with delegations in Covilhã, Leiria, Lisbon and Porto. IT hosts more than 300 (PhD holding) researchers, 7 of which are Fellows of IEEE, and 3 Fellows of the IET, 200 PhD Students and 200 MSc students.

IT expertise spans all areas of telecommunications including wireless and optical communications, networks and multimedia and enabling sciences and technologies from applied mathematics and quantum information, to electronics including organic electronics to instrumentation and measurements.


Prof. Dr. Rui Aguiar

Full Professor

Prof. Dr. Diogo Gomes

Auxiliar Professor

Prof. Dr. João Barraca

Assistant Professor

Prof. Dr. Daniel Corujo

Assistant Professor

Prof. Dr. Atílio Gameiro

Associate Professor